Prodigy Exploration Inc. LLC, CEO Shawn Bartholomae weighs in on export ban

As the price of oil began its descent last year in the waning months of a spectacular boom year, Shawn Bartholomae, the CEO of Prodigy Exploration Inc. LLC remained optimistic. He had stated very early in the event of the price plunge that he could see, as much opportunity as there was danger.

Many of the players came to agree with him. The logic expressed by Shawn Bartholomae is solid. The best cure for low oil prices are the low prices themselves. It is the competitive prices and costs associated with drilling the oil and gas wells that have dropped and will continue to drop as long as the depressed prices are part of the industry. The CEO of Prodigy Exploration Inc. has history on his side. With careful planning and thoughtful allocation of resources, it is a time to secure leases and drilling rights. In many ways to dropping of prices makes the investments related to securing these leases and establishing production contracts more appealing, not less.

It is the margin between the cost of oil and the costs of producing this oil and gas has been the focus of the planning of the CEO of Prodigy Oil and Gas. What is encouraging to many of the analyst in the oil and gas field is the realization of the full extent to which the oil and gas industry has been a mainstay of the recovery and the entire economy. Fully half of the new jobs created during the recovery were in Texas. Nearly all of these jobs were related to the prosperity that the revenue flows of a dynamic oil and gas industry has produced. Not only does the industry speak well for the general economy, but also any analysis will reveal that the health of the petroleum industry is critical to the nation. There are few parts to this economy that can affect the people as much as the petroleum industry. When the oil and gas industry ails, the entire economy feels the pain. The only realistic conclusion is that the nation will quickly remedy any weak spots in this very vital industry.

The shift from current policies, such as those related to exports, will tend to favor the petroleum industry. Politicians keeping a keen eye on the economic health of the nation will tend to set the scene for rulings that will strive to keep the economy healthy. Congress will take measures to keep this most vital and critical segment of our economy in good graces. These new laws and the new environment they create will serve the industry long after the price slump has subsided. The overwhelming sentiment now in business and political circles is “lift the ban”. This is likely to happen.

In a sense the “perfect storm” conditions that are setting the stage for a magnificent bull run are taking shape. This scenario aligns perfectly with the planning and thinking strategies of Prodigy Exploration CEO <b>Shawn Bartholomae</b>. His assertions that the timing ‘could not be better” for investments in petroleum production appears to be right on target.

Few considerations for the long-range health of the nation’s energy as well as the security of the nation are as important as the export laws. While the oil and gas produces have long called for a repeal of the export ban, these pleas have fallen on deaf ears. The new ally in the push for the repeal of the export ban is the lower prices themselves. The term “Too big to fail” applies especially to our nation’s oil industry. As congress goes conservative, the “open for business” atmosphere that has seen Texas lead the nation in jobs created and prosperity now has a chance to go nationwide. If the entire nation were to make the same dramatic rise in production and prosperity as the state of Texas, the United States would find that we have emerged into a new era of petroleum prosperity and the resultant national security. This is a condition that will far outlive the temporary slump in oil prices. This atmosphere of a national open for business atmosphere is likely to follow as conservative leadership takes the rein in the senate and house. Added momentum is likely to come when the conservative factions take the executive office also. A conservative leadership in the nation will call upon the oil and gas industry to lead the recovery in the energy field.

It is the preparation for the changing conditions that the leaders of vision in the oil and gas industry are preparing for.

Senator Lisa Murkowski, Republican from Alaska, is due to become the chairperson of the Senate energy committee. She is adamant when she endorses the move to lift the export ban. A quote from a representative from her office states, “Senator Murkowski continues to believe that the most efficient way to ensure America’s energy competitiveness is to allow the free trade of oil in the world market”

This comment and the suggested policy send a clear signal that the lifting of the export ban is in the works.

Most analysts concede that lifting the ban on exports would help producers in the United States by closing the gap between the price of Brent crude oil and the United States crude oil, which is referred to as West Texas intermediate. Historically this gap stays at the $4.00 range. By lifting the export ban, the moves will tend to keep the industry worldwide more competitive. The ultra light oils that are a trademark of the shale industry will serve the nation well as this light oil is easer to process and leaves refiners with a higher profit margin.

The lower revenues from the taxes being paid to government at the state level are felt immediately. The incoming Texas comptroller, Glenn Hegar, has voiced concerns about the lowering of these oil and gas related sources of revenue. The lowering of the prices and the resultant loss of revenue makes legislators face a reality that analysts cannot avoid. This reality states that without the continued strong flow of capital from a strong Texas petroleum industry, government functions at critical levels will suffer. Many state governmental budgets had apparently become complacent and had taken the high revenues from the healthy oil and gas industry for granted.

There were numerous projects and investments that had long range state beneficial aspects to them that were passed during the wave of prosperity. The commitments that were made to develop the infrastructure and the education funding were of a nature that they cannot exist without the underlying support of a strong oil and gas industry. The reality of the new level of revenues could well prove to be a blessing in disguise. The blessing will come in the new awareness of just how much the state and the nation needs a strong and prosperous oil and gas industry.

The benefits of Texas oil and gas production have touched the state economy at all levels. Our state is stronger today because of shale development .As this awareness of what Texas and the petroleum industry have achieved, the potential for a new petroleum environment nationwide grows stronger. Studies have consistently shown that increased production has in the past and will continue to increase the GDP, growth in employment, and capital investment. If the nation as a whole can emulate the success story of the “Texas Miracle” then it would herald the arrival of an entirely new age of American prosperity and security.

The prospects for the change in national energy policies and the realities of a more conservative and businesslike government taking form validates the outlook of Prodigy Exploration CEO Shawn Bartholomae who has stated “Now is the time to secure production and drilling contracts. The long-term benefits are superb. We will continue drilling to establish as much production as possible. As a small company we are perfectly positioned to do just that”

The CEO of Prodigy Exploration and senior partner of Silver Tusk Oil Co. goes on to state that the timing for an entry into oil investments is now. All of the conditions are being set for the longest Bull Run to have ever occurred in the oil and gas industry. “The timing for this move could not be better”

Past history will validate and confirm the conclusions of this CEO of Prodigy Exploration Inc LLC, <b>Shawn Bartholomae</b>. The indicators of history, economics and politics are aligning in perfect order and timing to make the ideal scenario.

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