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Tax Benefits of Oil and Gas Investments

Tax Benefits of Oil and Gas Investments (Note: The following is for general informational purposes only.  Please seek the advice of a licensed tax professional.)   What is the tax advantage of an oil and gas investment? After the Tax Reform Act of 1986 which eliminated many tax shelters, direct participation programs in oil and gas wells are one of the few remaining investments that allow investors to shelter income, making it one of the most tax advantaged investments today.  To offset the risk associated with the investment you may now deduct the entire investment, regardless of the success or failure of the investment, from ordinary income. What are the tax incentives specifically? Continue reading

Beginner’s Tip on Oil and Gas Investments

Want to invest in oil and gas? Not sure, how? Then, continue to read this article about Beginner’s Tip on Oil and Gas Investments  for beginner’s tip.

Understand the type of Oil and Gas Industry

Remember, there are oil and gas companies out there that barely involve in actual drilling rather more interested to raise funds and then invest in drilling Continue reading